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Body modification or ‘piercing’ has been in practice for centuries. For some cultures it was a show of beauty, some¬† power, others wealth and for some a status symbol. Many of those reasons still remain today.¬† No matter your reason, you found your way here and our goal is to provide you with valuable information so that your piercing experience goes well. We will go over choosing a reputable studio, piercing risks, pain scales, and proper aftercare steps and jewelry choices on various body piercings.

First Piercing?

Don’t worry we will be gentle.  Read our  Tips for first timers.

The Tongue Web

One of our most popular articles – If you’re thinking of getting your tongue web pierced this is a must read.

Tragus Piercing

The Tragus piercing is a quite popular and attractive ear cartilage piercing.   If you like ear piercings this is one you must check out.

The Smiley Piercing

If you’re a fan of oral piercings you should check out a smiley piercing.  As the name suggests the piercing is shown when you smile and looks pretty cool.

Navel Piercing

Ahh yes, the navel piercing.  This is quite a popular and sexy body piercing.  Before you considering getting it done be sure to read up on the proper aftercare steps.

Tongue Piercing

The Tongue Piercing is still very popular and is a great oral piercing to consider.