Ear Piercing Anatomy The first thing that most people think of when someone mentions that they have a piercing is the ears. Well out focus in this article is going to be on the ear anatomy. A picture is worth a thousand words and as you can see from this picture things are pretty much explained.

The outer ear is setup on a frame work of cartilage. Cartilage is a connective tissue that is more flexible that bone but more firm that say …. skin. Cartilage believe it or not does not have blood vessels running through it. Due to the lack of direct blood flow cartilage that is torn, ripped, or torn will take a longer time to heal. You constantly see athletes going to surgery because of a cartilage injury. Now if you take your fingers and feel your ear you will notice that not all of your ear has that stiff feelings. That is because the bottom portion of the ear does not have cartilage. Referring to our picture diagram the bottom part is labeled the lobe.

So as we move through the different ear piercings keep in mind that different methods or procedures are done to produce the desired piercing.