A navel piercing is a fairly low risk, minimal pain, and quite fashionable body piercing. Most belly piercings use a barbell jewelry piece, which runs through the upper edge of your navel. The most common belly piercing is an ‘innie’, an outie navel piercing is also possible, however, you may find many body piercing studios will refuse the procedure. There is inherently more risk with an ‘outie’ piercing than an ‘innie’ so some studios will refuse to do such a piercing.

A body Piercing can potentially result in a serious infection so you want to be sure you visit a reputable studio. Piercing is a great deal more complicated than simply pushing a needle through a part of your body. The folks over at the association of professional piercers offer a search-able database of it’s piercing studios. You can start your research there for a reputable studio in your area.

Once you find a studio that you’re interested in do some simple research on Google. Do they have a website? If so head on over and take a look at their site, pay attention to the quality and information they provide, also look up reviews for the studio. If you are satisfied with what you have found go visit the shop before making an appointment.

Upon entering the studio, take a look around, if the floors are dirty and the studio in general just looks unkempt, this is not the place you want to get your body piercing done. If the studio looks well kept it’s time for some questions. Do they sterilize or use new needles? Personally, I prefer new needles in packaging. However, if they sterilize ask their procedure, they should be using an autoclave. If the room looks clean ask if they repackage their needles after using the autoclave this helps keep them sterile. Take a look at the piercing room as well, the chairs should be clean and covered in paper like a doctors office. Also If they use ‘guns’ instead of needles, take a walk and find another shop. Professionals use high quality needles not guns! If the owners of the studio do not like you asking questions or do not want to answer unless you make an appointment, that’s a warning sign, walk out and find another studio.

If all looks good schedule an appointment. The piercer may tell you to wear a loose fitting t-shirt and low cut pants. Once you arrive they will ask you for proof of age, a driver license or a state ID will do fine. Age depends upon your state, but most are 18. If you’re under 18 you can also get the piercing if accompanied by your parent or guardian so they can sign the waiver.

Be sure to read our ‘Tips For Your First Piercing‘ for additional information and feel free to look at our after care section as well. Good luck with your navel piercing!